About Us

Welcome to Relaxedfx, where the spirit of the hummingbird comes alive. Our mission is to bring the energy, vitality, and joy of these magnificent creatures into your everyday life. By combining innovative design, unparalleled quality, and a commitment to sustainability, we aim to create products and experiences that truly embody the essence of the hummingbird.

Renowned for their elegance, poise, and swiftness, hummingbirds stand out among the tiniest birds on Earth, making them the perfect emblem for our logo.These avian wonders frequently embody vigor, liveliness, and rejuvenation. Across numerous cultures, hummingbirds represent happiness, lightheartedness, and the capacity to delight in life's simplest pleasures. By incorporating the hummingbird into our logo, we proudly embrace and reflect these cherished values in our brand identity.

Our product range includes natural supplements, wellness products, and lifestyle apparel, all designed to help you live your life with the same grace, peace, agility, and playfulness that hummingbirds are known for. From stress relieving and heath focused supplements to high quality lifestyle apparel, we will continue to offer and build out a diverse selection of items that cater to your wellness needs and help you embrace a more joyful, active, and sustainable lifestyle.

In addition to our product offerings, we pride ourselves on fostering a vibrant, supportive community that shares our passion for the hummingbird spirit. Through in person collaborative workshop and events at local businesses where our product is offered. We bring people together to celebrate life's simple pleasures, connect with nature, and learn from one another.

At Relaxedfx, we deeply respect and honor the sacred tradition of kava. We are committed to preserving its cultural significance while introducing its calming and soothing effects to a wider audience. Through our products and educational initiatives, we strive to share the rich heritage and social bonding experiences that kava has provided for generations, while fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for this ancient plant and its unique benefits.

Join the Relaxedfx community today and experience the transformative power of the hummingbird spirit for yourself. Together, let's embrace the joy, energy, and resilience of these incredible creatures and live life to the fullest, just like they do.


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Relaxedfx provides sippable supplements that promote social fluidity and helps to reduce anxiety.

Sippable Supplements are part unique to Relaxedfx. They are supplements intended to be sipped on. We prefer cold and at the end of a long day.

Most users report feeling effects in as little as 15 minutes. User experience may vary.

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